Hive Club members always get out more than what they pay in

26.03.21 07:00 AM Comment(s) By Ivo van Onna

You can't lose

Freelancers and contractors who join Hive Club get a free financial plan, do less admin, have money even when things are bad, grow their savings and never pay more than what they get out.

Get a free financial plan

Get a financial plan for free, even before you decide to become a member. See how much more money you can get out as a freelancer by saving on taxes, how you can keep on getting paid no matter what happens by receiving employment benefits such as insurance, retirement, paid leave, unemployment cover and so on, and how and when you will reach your financial goals.

Never pay more than what you get out

When you love your financial plan, you have every reason to become a member. There are no membership fees and you only pay administration fees as a percentage of what you save on taxes. In other words: you never pay more than what you get out. 

Do less administration

Hive Club allocates the designated amounts to each item in your plan every month, and makes sure that your taxes are submitted and paid in time and in full. All you need to do, is submit your timesheets.

Keep getting paid, no matter what

Hive Club provides its members with employment benefits to improve your financial security. Get paid while on leave, at year-end, in an emergency, in between contracts, when off sick, delivering a baby or when you retire. 

Grow your savings

Invest your savings within the Club through one of the Hive Club investment plans. Buy for example a house cash and save 12 years of payments and more than twice its value in interest and taxes.

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