• Financial management for freelancers. 

    Are you a professional freelancer or contractor and would you like to save on taxes and build your financial security whithout the admin of running a business? Invoice your client(s) through Hive Club and claim your business expenses, get paid a steady monthly salary and receive employment benefits to grow your financial health, today.

    Calculate how much extra money you could get out

    ​Calculate how much extra you can get out every month

​What you get


Less admin

Hive Club sets up a business for you with all the legal, financial and tax structures required for you to freelance. All you are left to do, is send out your invoices.


More money

Hive Club sets you up to enjoy tax-breaks, leaving you with more money at the end of the month. Some of our freelancers get as much as R20 000 extra out, every month! 


Use your money the way you want to

Whether your goals are to grow your business, buy a bigger car, save up, retire early or build your family home; you tell us what you want and Hive Club helps you save towards it: that is financial management for freelancers.

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Hive Club is a financial management platform, not a job site

Hive Club is an innovative business concept, tried and tested in 9 European countries since 1998, now available in South Africa. Hive Club sets freelancers up with their own company through which they own and manage their revenue. The typical headaches of running a small business like accounting, good tax-practices, legal matters, HR and so on are shared and taken care of by Hive Club with the aim to improve freelancers' financial health while reducing admin. 

Hive Club does not match freelancers with jobs or clients. As a freelancer, you are responsible for your own assignments and generating your own revenue. Once you have jobs to fulfill, Hive Club offers you ways to manage your revenue so that you spend less on tax and save more towards your goals, without you having to deal with the headaches of running a small business.

Want to build your financial health?

Pick and choose the goals and benefits you like

Paid Leave

Keep receiving an income, even when you go on leave.

Medical Aid & Insurance

Get Medical aid, Gap cover and insurance for hospital bills, critical illness, death and disability.

Travel Allowance

Save thousands of Rands each month through a Travel allowance.

Unemployment Cover

Keep receiving an income, even when you are in between contracts.

Maternity Cover

Keep receiving an income when having your baby. For mums and dads (to be).

Property Fund

Save hundreds of thousands of Rands and years of payments on your family home.

Personal Goals

Want to travel more or buy a new car? Save towards your goals, automatically.

13th Cheque

Save the equivalent of 8% of your salary every month and receive a 13th cheque in December.


Choose your retirement and Hive Club allocates your retirements automatically, every month.

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For whom?

Hive Club is for professional freelancers, as well as the companies that hire them

For Professionals

  • who are starting out in contracting and freelancing but struggle with setting up their business, accounting, taxes and financial management
  • who have been freelancing for a while, but feel they can do with some help to improve their tax- and financial management
  • who have set up their own business and financial management, but like to reduce their admin and cost of running a business
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For Companies

  • who like to provide their contractors with turn-key financial management, to improve their financial health
  • who want to reduce their tax-liability and -administration related to contractors
  • at zero cost to the company
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What happens when you apply

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Grow your financial health

Fill out the form and we call you back to show you how much you could get out.

Configure package

Speak to your Hive Club advisor about your goals, determine how much you spend on each of them and calculate how much you can save on taxes.

Sign up

Once you are happy with your package configuration, you sign up and start your own business.

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Grow your financial health

Every month, you invoice your client through your business. The business then pays you as per your configuration and goals: manage your finances, automatically.

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​How Hive Club helps you get more money out

Hive Club optimises your taxes. So, if you aren't getting any tax breaks at the moment, Hive Club will get them for you, so you get more cash out every month.

How does this work?
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Pay less in fees than what you get out*

Freelancers pay 5% of their revenue, up to a maximum of R3 000/month.

Sign up today and get the money out you never had!

*Depending on the package you choose

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More money. Less admin. 

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