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Outsource your admin and risk around freelancers. For free!

Let your freelancers work through Hive Club. Get rid of the admin, tax and labor law issues related to your freelancers and receive one invoice at the end of the month. Less admin, fewer headaches, for free.

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What Hive Club is

Hive Club provides contractor management services at no cost to you, the company, while reducing your labour and tax risk, as well as your administration and labour management costs. At the same time, Hive Club provides your freelancers with employment benefits and financial management to increase their financial health.

Services we offer:

• Contractor management services
• Payroll outsourcing
• Tax and accounting
• Business advisory services
• HR support services
• Financial management and employment benefits for freelancers

How it works

Instead of working for you directly, your freelancers work for you through their own Hive Club business. The terms and conditions of your contracts remain the same. You will have one point of contact and legal entity to deal with for all the admin around your freelancers. At the end of the month you receive one invoice from Hive Club. 

Once you sign up, Hive Club will be taking care of all the admin, tax and labor issues around your freelancers. At no additional cost to you. Hive Club earns fees from freelancers for the financial management and business services that Hive Club provides to them, with the aim to let freelancers get more money out and build their financial health while reducing the admin of running a business.

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Fees and Benefits


Free of charge for companies.

Hive Club charges its freelancers an administration fee of 5% of their monthly revenue, up to a maximum of R3000/month. Freelancers recover this amount -and more- the same month through the tax-benefits they receive (depending on their package).

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Benefits for companies

No more tax issues, no more labor issues, one invoice, less admin, for all your freelancers

Benefits for freelancers

More money out, free to choose their own remuneration package, employment benefits, reduced admin