About Hive Club

The Hive Club story

"As a freelancer I have experienced that becoming financially healthy isn't as simple as I thought it would be. I learned the hard way and turned those lessons into Hive Club. So you can grow your financial health, the easier way."

Ivo van Onna, founder and CEO

Where we come from

Starting out as a freelancer in the Netherlands and South Africa (I'm a Dutch citizen, living in Johannesburg), I had to learn to manage my business, taxes and finances myself. When asking fellow freelancers how they organise their affairs, they all gave me different answers to what the legislation is like and how I should set up my business. Of course I went down a bumpy road of trial and error, fast. And yet, there are commonalities and best practices to run a freelancing business. Having figured out how to do things right, I only see benefit in sharing my knowledge and experience with other freelancers. That's why I started Hive Club.

Our values

Win-win-win. As freelancers, we are not just competitors. In fact, as individuals, we should collaborate to grow stronger. Hive Club is set up to help you grow. Because when you grow, Hive Club grows. That's why we only earn when our members earn, why our members are expected to get more money out than what they pay in, it's why our corporate clients get to do less admin, for free. We also make sure that SARS receives what it should. And still, Hive Club makes enough to sustain its business. 

Ownership. Hive Club is based on alternative principles of ownership. Ownership resides with those that produce the wealth: our members. Because we don't want 1% of the population owning most of the world's resources. We believe that everybody should live well. At the same time, we don't believe that taxation should be used to redistribute wealth to the improductive. Rather, we believe in growing entrepreneurship, productiveness and the wealth of people. 

Levelling the playing field. Big business has the advantage of knowledge, resources and negotiation power to position itself better, pay less taxes, move employees around the globe freely. Until now, freelancers were excluded from such privileges. Now, freelancers have their own exclusive Club to enter the same playing field.

Where we are going

The number of freelancers is growing rapidly globally, up to 15% year-on-year in certain markets. We'd love to see this growing group of people getting stronger. Hive Club aims to provide financial management services to 100.000 freelancers globally in the next few years.  

The founders

Having generated 6x more revenue than her peers at the top of the airline industry, Michelle decided to grow Hive Club's member base next. 

Michelle Green-Thompson

Sales Exec. and co-founder

Start-up guru Floris Buys accelerated over 100 start-ups. After seeing Hive Club, Floris decided to become a co-founder to drive customer value.

Floris Buys

Business Development Exec. and co-founder

After 20 years of world wide consulting in digital transformation and Dutch efficiency, Ivo conceived Hive Club for fellow contractors.  

Ivo van Onna

CEO and founder

A proven concept

Hive Club's strenght lies in its innovative structure and win-win mindset, allowing freelancers to own their business and grow their financial health, without the headaches of running a small business.

The concept has been proven in numerous European countries since 1998, servicing over 100.000 members. Hive Club now made this concept available in South Africa.

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